Artist JAYE is a leader in the field of guitar coaching and a renowned professional musician who plays six instruments. He teaches both young and old, any style, all levels, in person and through Skype. He teaches in English and in French across Laval, Montreal and surrounding areas. Beyond teaching, JAYE also has a passion project that he puts a lot of work into; The Sharing Music Unites Us™ cause.

Sharing Music Unites Us™ empowers underprivileged children by giving them access to free musical instruments and music lessons. These are children that are going through difficult times and financial circumstances, while facing severe life challenges.

JAYE was inspired to start this project because he went through hardship himself as a child.

“I was going through an incredibly challenging time when I was a child, and the discovery of playing an instrument was something that changed me, it took the sadness and the pain away. Today, this is my way of paying it forward and I feel truly blessed,’’ he says.

Though he possesses incredible abilities as a musician and vocalist, for him the real blessing is not to be out there showing off his musical skills, but instead his focus and joy is to know that he is using his talent to be of service to others.

JAYE notices that like himself, kids see their lives change completely after picking up an instrument. “It’s giving them something to smile about,’’ he says. Music also helps kids develop key life skills, such as confidence, focus, and a better memory. “Most importantly, they learn to be creative. Why is it important to be creative? Because developing a sense for creativity contributes towards being successful in many areas of our lives,’’ he says.

Children supported by JAYE’s cause are from a wide spectrum of communities. JAYE is in contact with school principals across Laval, Montreal, Quebec, and beyond. He also works with community leaders. “The primary goal is to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children. We’re making a positive impact while spreading a message of unity across numerous communities,” he says.

JAYE raises funds for his project through different channels. People can donate funds (or instruments) directly on, or buy items from the online store. “We also have corporate partners that help us help the children…in return, our partners are being connected closely to the communities that they work in,’’ he says.

He is endorsed by Godin, a leading manufacturer of guitars, and by D’Addario, the largest guitar string manufacturer in the world.

JAYE is the primary point of contact for his cause and he can be reached through his website. He works with his team of volunteers across Laval, Montreal, and the surrounding area, while also expanding his cause across Canada and internationally.

To learn more about Artist JAYE’s work and how to donate to his cause, you can visit his website at