Research indicates that learning music and arts is beneficial for development of the brain irrespective of age. It helps cultivate creativity, discipline, mental focus, physical co-ordination skills and personal expression. Through the process of practice, learners are capable of developing self-control mechanisms balanced with awareness, reflection, strategizing abilities as well as self-confidence.

Olympic silver medalist Jeremiah Brown points out that the study of music has unquestionably helped him develop discipline and perseverance. The study of music and arts also helps children with special needs (e.g. autism) to focus and find an alternative channel of communication.

Cultivation of Talent
In the last decade, a number of outstanding young concert artists have emerged on the international stage ―including Lang Lang, Yuja Wang, who have brought great excitement both to the audience and young learners. Are these individuals born with artistic talent, or could that be nurtured?

Director and founder of Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts, and concert pianist, Dr. Angela P. Y. Chan who holds doctoral degrees in music performance, psychology and education and with over three decades of dedicated teaching experience and research has found that outstanding accomplishment is a result of effective collaboration between three parties ―namely, student, parent and teacher. Parental participation at home helps sustain interest and motivation in the learner. This coupled with fine teaching and a professional environment that is conducive to learning can help students soar. Success is no longer a matter of luck, but rather, a norm. Students become fervent learners. They take pride in the process and experience tremendous enjoyment and fulfillment. As a consequence, they progress at an exponential rate.

The LAMBDA Teaching Approach
Dr. Angela Chan’s Lambda Teaching Method is tried and true. Dr. Chan has been successful in encouraging learners to perform their best with outstanding achievement and personal satisfaction. Since the establishment of Lambda in 2008, this approach has created over 90 musical champions in national and international competitions; this includes 15 young pianists who have made it to the international concert stage and have been invited to perform at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York on a regular basis.

The Lambda Teaching Approach is applied to both music and arts education for learners of all ages and levels. Dr. Chan also realizes that it is extremely important to help young learners identify their niche so that they can find their best mode of expression. One child may enjoy painting for hours, while another may find his/her voice through playing the piano, guitar or violin. Another may not show exceptional talent in music, yet will turn out to be an outstanding photographer or videographer. The key is to accurately determine a child’s specific artistic niche.

Lambda’s One-of-a-kind Day Camps and Summer Camps
At Lambda’s summer camp, children are exposed to an array of artistic domains throughout the session. Areas covered include exploration of various musical instruments such as the piano, violin, guitar, and choir, to more esoteric instruments like the harp, bagpipe, highland drums, pan flute, glockenspiel and theremin. Children will also be exposed to music composition, dance, musical theatre, painting, photography, videography, sewing, cooking, origami, calligraphy, arts and crafts, yoga and more. The goal is to provide an opportunity for children to discover their artistic niche through working with professionals. At the end of the camp, parents will learn about their children’s preferences through an artistic profile assessment of their children. This will give parents a clear idea in what area to further their children’s artistic education.

Lambda’s one-of-a kind summer camp also provides parents with video notifications throughout the day, so they remain fully connected with their children’s experiences

Lambda’s outstanding reputation and success has attracted not only students from within Quebec and other Canadian provinces, but also overseas campers from Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Europe, Great Britain, the United Emirates, and Australia to attend.

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