Don't let them tell you,

That they know who you are

When they've only seen your summer.

Don't let them define you,

For you are not a single thing

You do not fit neatly in a box,

You are the ever changing tide,

The relentless waves of the sea

Different from every angle,

Old and young in harmony.

They have not seen

Your inner demons,

The secret box you keep hidden,

Within the fortress of your heart.

You are not a label,

You are not one thing.

You are the wind that howls at night,

The rosy first rays of sunlight,

The soft petals under one's hand.

Your body holds stars,

Planets, solar systems,

A whole universe waiting to be discovered.

But don't share your secret,

For it is far too precious.

No one can imagine

The vast plains, the waterfalls,

The tidal waves, the hurricanes.

The perfect storm,

That is hidden within your soul.