LUPO Wolf Sanctuary…a truly synergistic place to reconnect with nature and wildlife like you’ve never experienced before.

In the heart of the Appalachian Mountain  Park, in the region of  Montmagny, LUPO Wolf Sanctuary is a new vacation destination where families and adults from across the globe can fully immerse themselves with the animal world whilst surrounded by nature. Whether you want to learn more about wildlife conservation and the global effort to repopulate wolves or simply unwind in a picturesque natural setting, LUPO is the place to experience it all.

This four-season ecotourism hub caters to guests that crave outdoor travel and adventure, education and entertainment. No matter the season, guests will delight in a huge array of services and activities—something to captivate everyone.

Luigi Morabito, LUPO Wolf Sanctuary’s founder, is a family man and entrepreneur from Quebec, who is embarking on a mission to create the province’s first multifunctional wolf education and sanctuary site. His goal is to tell the wolf’s story and create awareness around the wolf’s importance to our ecosystems all while allowing wolves to live in a protected, natural environment.

Guests at LUPO Wolf Sanctuary will have the opportunity to soak up nature while observing wolves in their enclosures in their natural habitat. Day trippers and overnight guests can partake in the vast offerings and amenities available on site, along with a slew of indoor and outdoor activities all year long. From unique lodging experiences (coming in summer 2024) for your ultimate weekend nature getaway to up-close wolf observation and guided tours, LUPO’s mission marries the worlds of altruism and ecotourism in a profoundly organic way.

Mission : Conservation, Education & Ecotourism
LUPO Wolf Sanctuary aims to offer educational content related to wildlife, endangered species (in connection with the Special Survival Program) and the larger environmental ecosystem, including forestry, soils, land, water, sustainable energies and climate change as a whole. This monumental mission will be achieved in various stages, through multiple phases of implantation.

Wolves have captivated humankind for centuries. We are intrigued by the mystical aura that surrounds them. Their undeniable spiritual nature and their long-standing relationship with humans—whether harmonious or hostile—has perdured over centuries. Despite our fascination with wolves and a billion-dollar ecotourism industry around wildlife observation, wolves are still widely misunderstood, and in some areas of the world, they have been hunted to near extinction.

As researchers have learned more about the many benefits wolves bring to our ecosystems, we are now beginning to understand how humans and wolves can live harmoniously. Many organizations and conservation authorities across the world have begun to seek out ways to not only protect wolf populations but educate the masses on these fascinating animals. This is at the heart of what LUPO Wolf Sanctuary aims to accomplish, with Morabito and his team at the helm of this exciting new project.

“We are confident that LUPO will not only be a key player in wolf conservation and education in North America, but it will also create a positive societal impact by educating the modern-day public on how to reconnect with nature and respect all living creatures, big and small,” says Tom Gable, Project Lead at Voyageurs Wolf Project (Minnesota, USA, Voyageur National Park).

Conservation & Education
A large part of LUPO’s mission is to educate the public about the importance of wolves to ecosystems around the globe. Through wolves, the sanctuary will transmit a larger message of conservation, ecological balance and personal responsibility for better human management.

LUPO’s mission is to change the way people perceive wolves, by teaching about their relationship with the environment and the role of humans in protecting their future.

To do so, LUPO Wolf Sanctuary will boast an outdoors education center that caters to all age groups. This education center is the perfect spot to dive deeper and expand one’s knowledge of wolves. Inside the stand-alone building, you’ll find everything from museum-like exhibits to adventure flight simulators to learn more about tracking wolves and their migratory behavior.

School groups, families or individuals can enjoy on-site workshops or webinars, conferences, presentations in the outdoor amphitheatre as well as zoo therapy activities. LUPO is prepared to welcome international volunteers, veterinarians and biologists who would like to share or expand their knowledge through their stay at the facilities. LUPO’s wolf den sites will contain audio-visual components to create a realistic learning and adventure experience, all wrapped in one.

Outdoor Adventure Awaits
For outdoor activity enthusiasts, LUPO Wolf Sanctuary provides myriad opportunities to practice your favourite activity surrounded by nature. No matter the season, hiking trails are available to take in the sights and sounds. Guest can do meditation or yoga in the forest, observe birds or other wildlife in LUPO’s forests or try fat biking on the many trails. Dedicated trails for snowshoeing, guided snowshoeing tours and other winter activities such as skating are also on the menu.

Couples, groups of friends or families will want to experience one of LUPO’s many adventure-themed programs. Want to learn how to camp ? Build a tent ? Build a fire ? Survive in the wild ? Learn to hike safely and navigate a forest without getting lost ? LUPO has an adventure program tailored to your needs.

Blend Accommodations with Experience
Businesses can take advantage of LUPO’s team-building programs through a variety of activities and accommodation styles. The same holds true for couples, families or a getaway among friends ! Choose your activities and your overnight stay accommodations (coming in the summer of 2024) to complete your package. LUPO offers tiny homes, treehouses, yurts and camp sites so that you can extend your adventure in nature through the night. LUPO Wolf Sanctuary offers the public at large a real-life, authentic, choose-your-own-adventure experience !

Reconnect with the Wild
“You can come to LUPO multiple times in the same year and not do the same activities,” says Morabito. “When you’re a guest here, you can forget about the wifi and reconnect with the wild. It’s a chance to connect to wild-fi.”

“The advantage of the LUPO project being in a northern area where activities themselves take place all year long is that is encourages us to get off the beaten track, and that’s a trend that our society, one of abundance, can afford,” says Jean-Pierre Ranger, President of Parc Safari. “LUPO’s mission checks off the fundamental criteria that our new recreational society wants, one that has the time and resources to spend […] but at an affordable cost for families and couples.

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