What if I told you there is no secret to staying fit, we all need to move and put in the work to maintain a healthy body weight. However, a science-based, technology-tracked gym in Laval, does exist, called Orangetheory Fitness, which provides a space of high-energy fitness for all ages, from 14 years old and above to work out with a coach who focuses on helping you achieve your fitness goals and health results. Orangetheory Fitness is located right off highway 19 between Pie IV and Papineau in Laval, easily accessible to people living or working in the area. It is a boutique gym, which offers a variety of 60-minute and 90-minute classes that incorporate both strength training and cardio, as well as 45-minute strength training classes.

Orangetheory fitness is different from your average gym thanks to the help of heart rate monitors that allow you to track your progress and performance over time in order to ensure that you are not over or under training.  Knowing your heart rate is especially beneficial for taking your workouts to the next level. Heart rate training can lead to improvements in health since you are able to train more efficiently and safely. Orangetheory checks all those boxes.

Satisfaction Guarantee – You will See a Shift in your Overall Health
If you are someone who is looking for satisfaction-guaranteed results, either by a mood shift, losing weight, performance, or endurance results, this is the workout for you. They offer group workout classes that start as early as 5:30am and end at 8:15pm. Orangetheory Fitness is the only gym in Laval that offers a 1-hour full body group workout that focuses on heart rate-based training guaranteed to produce results from the inside out. The workouts are backed by science and proven to burn more calories post-workout.  Participants are tracked by technology so results can be monitored in real-time.

Certified Coaches
All coaches are certified with either a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, Athletic Therapy or a Group Fitness certification. They are also required to be CPR certified annually to maintain the health and safety standards at the studio. All Orangetheory coaches must partake in Orangetheory training and pass an evaluation to become certified. Mandatory seminars covering topics like running technique and exercise form corrections are implemented to ensure the coaches remain educated and up-to date. Orangetheory coaches and staff are hired based on their certifications but heart is another key factor. This Laval studio takes pride in their ability to form genuine connections with clients, learning the name of each and every member and following up with their members to make sure they are seeing results, enjoying their experience and feeling like they are a part of the Orangetheory Fitness Laval family.

Stephanie Van Dystadt is the franchise owner of the Val-des-Brises, Orangetheory. She wasn’t a gym rat; however, she did see results being an Orangetheory member. She disliked going to the gym, the only thing that kept her accountable was the sense of community, coach energy and the full body, no thought required, results driven, in & out 60 minute workouts Orangetheory provided.

Here she states, Orangetheory is the “Multi-vitamin of fitness! There’s no magic pill, you have to do the work. All the workouts are a little bit of everything; strength, power and endurance to remain optimal in your performance. All Orangetheory workouts are science and research backed! Workouts are developed by the corporate office in Boca Raton, Florida. Should you have an injury or require changes to the exercises, the coach will provide options on the spot. All participants wear a heart rate monitor so coaches can monitor effort to ensure that members are not under training or over training. Everybody does the same program, at their own pace – it’s a one size fits all! You do the work; you will see the results, GUARANTEED!”

We understand that a member has to sacrifice something in order to spend that one hour with us – we ensure it’s the most effective and energized hour of the day !”

What can Members expect from joining a trial class?
All those interested, can take a trial class for free with no obligation, All fitness levels are welcome.  You will be fitted with a heart rate monitor for the trial workout. A brief explanation of the workout will be provided, and you will spend a few minutes prior to the start of the class, in studio, with your coach to be shown how to use the equipment and understand the flow of the class. Throughout the class you are supported, encouraged and always guided by the coach. The coach will also take the time once the class has finished to explain your class summary, understand your goals, and prescribe the frequency of workouts that best align with your fitness goals and will get you the best results.

Lifestyle changes have also impacted the way people do fitness. Orangetheory is a community, joining this gym ensures that your space is reserved for your workout. The schedule is released at the beginning of each month, which means you can go ahead and book your workouts for the entire month through the Orangetheory app with the simple click of a button. The fun thing about Orangetheory Fitness is that the workouts change daily, and you will never repeat the same workout twice. This guarantees that you will continue to be motivated, have fun and see results. The same workout is offered throughout the day, so if you can’t make it to the morning class, don’t worry you won’t be missing out, you could book a class in the evening.

Types of Memberships
Orangetheory provides monthly renewable membership packages. There is no annual commitment required. There are different membership options based on frequency of workouts per month which provides the member the flexibility to incorporate 1 hour of fitness into their busy schedule. With every 1 hour workout, you are one step closer to reaching your goals. All you have to do is book the class and show up, we take care of the rest.

Orangetheory also offers national reciprocity. Becoming a member in Laval provides you the flexibility to train at any other Orangetheory Fitness location within Canada. After all, the most expensive gym membership is the one that you don’t use.  The gym does provide receipts to be expensed under workplace health and benefits programs.

Community Involvement
Orangetheory fitness owner, Stephanie Van Dystadt is also committed to the community. One of her goals is to give back and to get the staff involved as well as the studio community. The Val-des-Brises location has been involved in fundraisers for Fondation Cité de Sante and the Canadian Cancer Society supporting breast cancer research. The studio team  also drives an annual campaign to create “Kits for the Homeless” whereby staff and members collect items that are put into zip lock bags and are distributed on the streets of Montreal to those in need. “People want to give, they just don’t know how.  We help them find a way”.  Orangetheory Fitness is not just a gym, but an energizing community that contributes positively.

Take the opportunity to see what it’s all about and become part of an energized, results driven community that will provide you with MORE LIFE!

For more information on Orangetheory Fitness, please visit our website at www.orangetheory.com/en-ca/ or checkout our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/OTFLavalEst/.