Why open a clinic?
Thomas Gagnon Physio was born from a desire to spend more time with each patient in private clinic in order to offer an optimal follow-up along with a pleasant and reassuring experience for the patient. An evidence-based practice, a high quality therapeutic alliance, and a collaboration between the patient and the practitioner are at the core of the clinic’s ideals. The space is designed to allow for a personalized service for each patient.

A multidisciplinary approach is important and we incorporate these principles by ensuring good communication with the treating doctor, and even with strength and conditioning professionals who work with the patient, if desired.

We work with all musculoskeletal conditions. Acute injuries and chronic pains of any kind are treated for all regions of the body.

Professional experience
Thomas Gagnon graduated in 2013 with an applied Master’s degree from McGill University in Physical Therapy. He has worked in a private setting along with professional and elite sports throughout his career, most notably as a camp therapist with the Montreal Alouettes from 2015 to 2017 as well as with individual athletes. He also worked in the tech field as a subject matter expert for medical documentation, data capture and data analysis software for professional sports medicine in North America from 2019 to 2022.

Thomas is himself a former elite athlete and therefore understands the patient perspective during injury rehabilitation. He also has some experience in strength and conditioning which he likes to combine with his knowledge of physiotherapy to work on injury prevention.

A boutique experience for patients
To us, physiotherapy is a partnership between the patient and their physiotherapist. As such, we view a rehabilitation process as a shared responsibility. This motivates us to elaborate treatment plans collaboratively, always taking the patient’s objectives into account.

The quality of the therapeutic alliance is a priority for us and we believe it doesn’t happen instantaneously. That’s why each appointment is an hour long and appointments do not overlap. During that hour, your physiotherapist will listen attentively and work tirelessly to help you progress in your rehabilitation.

A personalized exercise program will be built and progressed throughout the follow-up and will be sent to you with clear instructions backed by photos and videos of the individual exercises using a software integrated into the Patient Portal on our website. These programs don’t expire and can be consulted again in the future if needed. Furthermore, should any questions arise in between appointments, patients are encouraged to reach out to their physiotherapist directly.

Leveraging technology
We have made use of technology to ensure the smoothest possible booking experience for patients. Booking can be done online on our website. The patient can see all their physiotherapist’s      available appointments before choosing the one that is most convenient.

Should the online option be less attractive, patients can call or e-mail their physiotherapist directly, without any intermediaries, to coordinate an appointment. We offer spots throughout the day as well as in the evening.

Should no available spots be convenient, accommodations can be made on a case-by-case basis. That’s the beauty of the personalized service offered by Thomas Gagnon Physio.