Along with the changing landscape from fall to winter, you might have noticed many positive changes around the city. From new policies surrounding urban planning, to new initiatives to make sports more accessible to families, to innovative training for the city’s paramedics…these are but a few of the many changes your city councillors have been hard at work for over the past year. Our Cover Story in this issue features the latest improvements, projects, and initiatives that the City of Laval has implemented to make life better for its citizens. You can get all the details starting on page 8.

This November kicks off the Festival NUM, an entirely free family event presented by presented by Bibliothèques de Laval featuring plenty of opportunities to discover art and digital technologies for the whole family. Details are on page 22.

Our Feature Story this issue highlights the story of Montreal-born artist Chantal Gingras, who reignited her passion for painting on canvas during the pandemic. Her previously hidden talents were soon discovered by internationally renowned art galleries, and now Gingras paints full-time. Read her fascinating story starting on page 27.

Our Education section features an article on an innovative approach to learning – ‘microlearning’. On page 14, you’ll learn how this approach to teaching and learning can help students (or anyone looking to learn new content or skills) retain and access recently learned information over the long term. What’s more, our article in the Seniors section on page 18 takes a look at recent research on brain games, and how it can help seniors remain active while also exercising their brains!

If there is a teen or young adult in your family (or extended family) who is looking for a way to get involved in their community, check out our Youth section on page 16 where we take a look at what civic duty is in the modern era, and ways in which youth of various ages can familiarize themselves with this practice.

As the new year approaches, entrepreneurs of all ages might be considering launching a new business. YES Employment + Entrepreneurship has some great tips on page 10 on how to determine whether your business idea is viable, how you can test out your idea, and where to get help and coaching at any step along the journey!

Our team at Laval Families Magazine wishes your family a happy, safe and healthy holiday season and best wishes for the new year ahead!