In the 2021-22, technology and online learning plays a significant role in our children’s education, whether that’s in the classroom, at home or both. For teachers and parents, high quality online educational resources can be very helpful in keeping students engaged with learning, skill-building, or even for good ol’ drills.

Here is quick curated list of online resources for a variety of subjects that teachers and parents may want to explore with their students. While some require a paid subscription, many offer free content, free plans or trial periods so you can try before you buy.

English Language Arts
Epic Books ( offers a vast variety of leveled reading books across multiple genres, and for emerging or struggling readers, there is also a read-to-me function.

BrainPop ( offers fun animated educational videos on grammar, writing, vocabulary, critical thinking and much more. Included with each thematic video is a slew of related exercises, activities and games for students to complete as they hone their skills. For young learners, BrainPop also offers a junior version with much the same variety ( While you’re there, you’ll see that both sites offer educational content for other subjects as well, such as Math, Social Studies, Art, Science, etc.

Used by many teachers in Quebec classrooms, IXL Math ( is a comprehensive resource for Math skills practice online, providing content from pre-school straight through to high school. What’s more, the platform has taken into account provincial curriculum requirements, allowing the content to be aligned with the Quebec Education Program.

For students needing a challenge or enrichment activities, Beast Academy ( offers a very robust platform that covers basic skills, problem-solving, printables for parents or teachers, video content, and much, much more. Though it’s an American platform, Beast Academy and the team behind it have been serving the education community since 1993, and the very popular online content launched in 2018.

Focused on French reading and comprehension, Boukili ( has both a desktop version and app version for iPhone and android devices. With well over 100 levelled books for students to explore, including a read-to-me function and short quizzes at the end of each book, this site encourages students to take an interest in reading while improving their French skills.

Radio Canada offers some interesting online content for exposure to French media, television shows and animated episodes for multiple age groups. With Zone Petits ( and Zone Jeunesse (, students can watch educational videos, play games or consume current events content.

Social Studies
To align with Quebec’s curriculum for Geography, History and Citizenship, teachers and parents can make use of free resources available on and

Learning about historical figures is made easy by a visit to the Dictionary of Canadian Biography online ( In-depth presentations and resources for students and teachers can be found in the archives at Digital Museums Canada (, formally known as Virtual Museums Canada.