This year, Loisirs Ste-Béatrice is celebrating their 50th anniversary. Over the course of those 50 years, Loisirs Ste-Béatrice has become an integral part of the Laval community. To highlight this accomplishment and to thank those who have contributed to the organization’s success, citizens of all ages are invited to participate in a celebratory event: La Grande Fête.

A rock-climbing wall, games, exhibitions, kiosks and concerts are just a few of the activities that will take place during La Grande Fête. The event is scheduled to take place on June 20th, 2020, from 1 pm to 9 pm at Parc des Saules in Auteuil, Laval. Given the current circumstances regarding COVID-19, the event may be postponed to a later date.

Loisirs Ste-Béatrice is a non-profit organization established in 1970 by seven volunteers. In just their first year, approximately 300 people participated in the 10 activities that were offered. Over the years, with the help of many volunteers and collaborators, new activities were added, which allowed the organization to reach a larger public. Today, the organization offers 280 courses, workshops, and activities for all ages and counts over 2800 participants. With such a diverse selection of activities, varying from languages, arts and sports, there is an activity for everyone. The newest addition to services offered is a summer day camp. Youth seeking a summer filled with fun and adventures will be welcomed with open arms!

Loisirs Ste-Béatrice has the well-being of its community at heart and continuously has the desire to innovate. The organization is always looking for new ways to adapt to the needs and desires of the community and to offer services that appeal to the public. In the spirit of change, the association is taking the opportunity to spruce up its image for its 50th anniversary. Loisirs Ste-Béatrice will be adopting LSB Laval as its new name.

Above all, the organization aims to bring the community together and consolidates the feeling of acceptance. Every year, LSB Laval offers three free events that strengthen the sense of community: the candy drive on Halloween night, the Christmas party and the sugar shack outing.

LSB Laval would like to thank all those who have directly and indirectly contributed to the organization’s achievements over the past 50 years. A special thank-you goes to Mr. Ronald Doucette, who has effortlessly donated his time and energy to the organization since 1975.

For more information on courses offered and to stay up to date on the festivities planned for the 50th anniversary, follow LSB Laval on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or visit the website at