Getting around, going to the pool, the movies or a friend’s house is a breeze when the STL is in summer mode.

Instead of asking for rides, give Mom, Dad or your older brother or sister a break, and take the only mode of transportation that reduces traffic AND greenhouse gaz emissions. One bus keeps 50 cars off the road. Also, cars are usually parked 95% of the time, whereas buses roll all day, every day, transporting as many people as possible commuting in the same direction. It saves time, money, and the environment!

August on pocket change
If you’re 17 or under and eligible for the reduced fare, you can buy a single XTRA pass for both July and August for $66.50 (they go on sale June 20). That’s inexpensive for two months! The pass is available at all STL points of sale. Be sure to bring a valid OPUS card with photo ID with you.

The benefits?
Unlimited access to our regular network for all of your activities in Laval.
No need to wait for your parents to get a lift. (But still tell them where you’re going!)
More money in your pocket (or your parents’ pockets) for… what you want!

Give back-to-school a “little” thought! Nobody enjoys waiting in line to renew their OPUS card with photo ID. So consider getting it out of the way as soon as possible. Did you know the Cartier and Montmorency ticket offices start tak- ing students’ pictures for new cards as early as August 1?

Three good reasons to renew quickly

  • You avoid the long lineups at the end of the month.
  • You can top up your card for September as early as August 20 at any of the 43 points of sale in Laval. (This is a good trick to use every month year round!)
  • Your parents will be less anxious when school starts, and pleased you’re so well organized!#pride

To learn more about renewing your OPUS card with photo ID and to download your form, go to

Real-time travel
Want to know the exact time the next bus will arrive? Track bus schedules in real time on the STL Synchro+ app, or by texting your bus stop number to 511785. #efficient #nonetworkneeded #free