Centennial Academy is a model of inclusive education in Quebec. Our mission is to empower young people to master their learning challenges, graduate from high school in 5 years and become autonomous, resilient, life-long learners.

A Unique and Proven Approach
The approach we have developed at Centennial allows us to achieve extraordinary results; although 90<>percentage<> of our high school students have a diag- nosed learning challenge, more than 90<>percentage<> of them graduate with their DES in five years. Above all, our approach is a paradigm shift; a fundamentally dif- ferent way of thinking about learning challenges and how to best teach children who have them.

We Continuously Shape Our School to Fit the Needs of Our Students
At Centennial, we strive to create an engaging, supportive and inclusive learning environment that benefits all students. We are early adopters of the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, which aim to make learning possible for the largest diversity of learning styles, by removing unneces- sary obstacles and creating optimal learning con- ditions both inside and outside the classroom. In practical terms, this means implementing a set of consistent systems, structures and routines for our entire school, and establishing clear and predict- able rules and expectations for all of our students; measures that benefit all learners, regardless of their particular learning profile.

We Work as a Cohesive, Consistent and Collaborative Team
At Centennial, our entire team works together to achieve our mission, our vision and our values. What makes our approach work so well is that it is applied consistently, cohesively, equally and universally, by all of our staff members. We collect and analyze data about our students on a regular basis and we come together as a multidisciplin- ary team to solve problems, support learning, and help our students succeed. We use a common language, common processes and common strategies, which ensures the consistent delivery of excellence.

Schedule a Consultation with Us or Experience a Student-for-a-Day Visit
Our high school is designed to serve students who require extra coaching to develop age-ap- propriate and effective learning behaviors as well as self-management strategies. Schedule a per- sonalized consultation with our Head of School to learn more about the Centennial Academy approach. We also invite prospective students to participate in a “student-for-a-day” visit at our school. For more information, you can contact us at; admissions@centennial.qc.ca