Caregiving is a challenge society cannot ignore. More than one million men and women in Quebec are caregivers. You certainly know one in your environment whether it be a parent, a neighbour, a friend or a colleague. You may be a caregiver for a senior citizen. If so, this article is for you.

To improve the quality of life of caregivers for seniors, we have to understand their needs and their reality. We must also value their role and facilitate access to resources available to them everywhere in Quebec.

Who We Are
L’Appui pour les proches aidants d’aînés can help the daily life of caregivers for seniors by supporting them so they can fully benefit from resources available to them. We have 17 regional offices in the province.

We financially support community groups to help them offer many services directly dedicated to caregivers of seniors. We also offer information services via our telephone and online helpline service, which provides confidential information and free references.

To Be a Caregiver for a Senior Citizen
If you offer moral, physical or material support to a senior person, occasionally or on a daily basis, you are a caregiver. It happens gradually. Chores and responsibilities vary depending on the autonomy of the person you are helping. However, every task can slowly become more difficult in the long-term and can lead to psychological and physical exhaustion.

The caregiver is then confronted with a changing reality that he or she is not prepared for. Many people who take care of a family member do not consider themselves caregivers; they do it out of love and sometimes because they have no other choice.

Why Use Services Offered to Caregivers?
Taking care of a senior who is losing autonomy and independence requires a lot of energy and can generate mixed emotions and questions. When the job and its responsibilities add up, fatigue and stress set in and increase the risk of exhaustion.

It is important to be supported and guided during this journey in order to better balance your needs and responsibilities in maintaining a good quality of life. You need to take care of yourself to be able to take care of a family member in need.

If you need help with household chores, personal care, transportation or need to talk, get information about services in your neighbourhood, or simply need time off, we can help.

How L’Appui pour les proches aidants d’Aînés Can Help You
Contact our caregiver support. A regional counsellor is there to listen, to inform and refer you to resources and services.
Here’s how to reach us;
Call 1-855-8LAPPUI (1-855-852-7784) or email Or visit us online at 
Our website can give you plenty of information on subjects that may concern you.

Subscribe to the Caregiver Newsletter. Distributed monthly, it is especially designed for caregivers, to inform you on different subjects linked to your role. You will find practical advice and relevant information on available resources in your area. Subscription is free and can be made through the Info Service helpline, by email or via our website.

The Guide to Practical Support for Caregivers; An Essential Information Booklet
This easy to read small document will inform you on resources and services offered in Laval and give you practical tools and many tips. The Guide to Practical Support for Caregivers (GPS) has information on different topics to help you through the process of taking care of your loved one. Create by a collective project involving many Laval partners and financed by l’AppuiLaval, this guide is easy to use and completely free.

You can get your free copy of the GPS at the following partner offices

L’Association Lavalloise des Personnes Aidantes (ALPA) 
1717, boulevard Saint-Martin Ouest

Société Alzheimer Laval
2525, boulevard René-Laennec

L’Appui Laval et Lumi-Vie
1850, boulevard Le Corbusier

The GPS is also available in a PDF version in French and English via our website, For more information, call 1-855-8LAPPUI (1-855-852-7784).