Changing your lifestyle to include more fitness can be a challenge for many people, but for these two Laval friends, the answer is simple; train with friends and train with experts in fitness!

“It’s like a home away from home,” says Carolyn Vivino Ubani. This isn’t typically how most people describe the gym, but for Ubani and her workout partner and friend, Teresa Tucci, heading to Extreme Evolution is like going to spend time with family. “We actually have fun working out. We’ve made friends with other members,” says Tucci. “It’s like a small network of friends and it keeps growing with the more classes we do.”

Both Tucci and Ubani have made very good use of the variety of services Extreme Evolution offers, from private sessions with a trainer, to several of the group classes like boxing, cross training and meditation. Tucci has been with the gym since its opening in Laval two years ago and later convinced Ubani to join her. “You’ll be more motivated to go when you work out with someone,” Ubani explains. “We are a team. It makes it more fun.”

The two women attend private sessions with their trainer, Guillaume, three times a week and participate in group boxing courses. “The trainers are amazing. They do not give up on you,” Tucci says. “So it motivates me. If they’re going to put in the work to help me, then I have to work for me, too.”

Both Tucci and Ubani joined the gym with different workout goals in mind and have managed to see the results they were looking for. Tucci’s goal was plain and simple; to get fit. “The more I trained, the stronger I got and I couldn’t believe I could do certain things that I was never able to do before,” she says. “It made me want to do it more and more. I’m addicted now. It’s a good addiction.”

Ubani was looking for a way to focus on herself more. “Life got in the way and it was no longer about me and I got to a point that I was fed up,” she explains. “I needed a change and I just wanted to get back to being fit and healthy.” Although she had signed up for several different gyms in the past, Ubani credits Extreme Evolution with having the most open and friendly atmosphere she has ever experienced at a gym, while also providing results. During her time with Extreme Evolution – a little over a year now – Ubani has lost 40 pounds.

Tucci has even been inspired to compete in a women’s fitness competition and is currently training with that goal in mind. She has also started working with a nutritionist. “The nutritionists are really on the ball and they don’t give up on you,” she says. “I feel really good. I have so much more energy and I actually have abs now.”

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