According to Anna Sanzone and Kevin Antonucci of Extreme Evolution Sports Centre in Laval, the Six-Week Challenge is no ordinary fitness program. When you hear the word “challenge,” you may think it’s not for you – especially if you’re a beginner in fitness training. But nothing could be further from the truth.

The Six-Week Challenge was actually designed with beginners in mind. You may have the best intentions when it comes to working fitness into your life, but simply getting a gym membership and not knowing how to train correctly almost always results in failure. Sanzone and Antonucci believe clients need guidance, motivation, and most importantly, a realistic and individualized goal plan to actually benefit from exercise.

“It takes 21 days to get into new habits and start to see results,” Antonucci says. “You won’t lose 100 pounds in six weeks, but you’ll see changes starting to take shape.” The point is to get into a healthier lifestyle and get the tools you need to stay fit by slowly making the adjustments that are right for your body and lifestyle. According to Antonucci, the coach will not only help you work on your fitness goals, but answer questions about meal planning and work together with you to develop a healthy nutrition plan.

The challenge program is available every six weeks, all year round, with three sessions per week. You are in a small group with other individuals but you can sign up with friends and family to keep the group familiar. The teams are small to keep the individualized service at its best but there are also advantages to being in a group. “By being in a team, you know that if you don’t go, you’re letting them down,” Antonucci says. This is a great way to motivate clients to push themselves not to skip sessions. How does this differ from just going to the gym together? “You can get more individualized attention from the trainer, better coaching and better results during those three visits per week,” Antonucci explains.

The idea was to create an atmosphere to encourage healthy living habits that are tailored to each individual’s needs. “The instructors adapt themselves to any conditions,” Sanzone explains. “They will increase the intensity as you are able.” The idea is to get the benefit of hiring a personal trainer without breaking the bank.

In fact, one of the major advantages of the Six-Week Challenge program is that you have all the benefits of a personal trainer to help you with exercises and meal plans, at about half the cost. Extreme Evolution Sports Centre also offers flexible payment plans that you can inquire about on their website or in person at their Laval location situated at 4463 Autoroute 440. For more information on when the next challenge begins or for general inquiries, call (450) 688-8333.