The Centre Leonardo Da Vinci (CLDV) is always cooking up some fun and exciting new activities and this season is no exception. The long winter can drive us all stir crazy, so get out and have fun at this local community centre. Find out what’s going on this winter and see which activities can help make the long, dreaded season a little – or a lot – more fun.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a comedian? Well this winter you can give your material a shot at the centre’s Open Mic Comedy Series. For the first time, CLDV is hosting a regular event that will give young aspiring comedians the chance to tell some jokes in front of an audience. “It’ll be a series once a month here at CLDV and once a month at Casa d’Italia in Little Italy,” says Frank Sorrentino, the Director of Marketing and Sponsorships. He encourages all young comedians to give it a try when the program beings in late October. Comedians are welcome to perform in English, French, or Italian.

Because CLDV tries to open its doors to all members of the community, they will also be including a brand new seniors program. Every Thursday night, they will be offering a movie night to seniors. The weekly event is free of charge and includes coffee and cookies, as well. There will be a variety of Italian and French films being presented. Italian films will include French subtitles to open up the event to the entire community in St. Leonard and its surrounding areas.

In addition to some new programs, CLDV will be continuing on with some already-loved programs. Rockalypse 4 – the centre’s own rock band competition – will be back again this January. The winner will win a trip to Italy and make guest appearances on local radio shows.

The Women’s Forum will also be back again this year. In the past, exceptional and influential women have had the chance to speak to an audience of young women about their achievements, the challenges they’ve faced, and how they overcame them. “It’s aimed at the younger generation, to learn from their experiences,” Sorrentino says.

As usual, there will also be lots of performances and events throughout the winter to entertain the whole family. Events include a Ballet Jazz de Montréal dance, a concert by Diana Varela, and the Grand Concert de Noël. For more information on the complete events listing at CLDV, visit their website