September marks the beginning of back to school. For parents, this entails getting back into the routine of early mornings, preparing lunches, after-school activities, homework, and projects. However, the back-to-school season does not have to mean choosing between spending quality time with your children and working out.

Extreme Evolution Sports Centre offers classes for children. What does that mean for parents? Parents can incorporate personal fitness into their week, get quality exercise in the gym while simultaneously allowing their kids to participate in the same habits and enriching family time. The team at Extreme Evolution is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle that is achievable and measurable. The fitness centre has established and continues to manage a win-win solution for children and parents.

There are a variety of classes offered at Extreme Evolution. The Bootcamp class is an activity where both parents and children can work out together, Boxing (children receive their own gym bag with a pair of gloves, straps, and rope) and the RIG (an obstacle workout) are classes designed for children only. Starting in September, they will partner up with Ohan Family Martial Arts to offer a new class called Mini Karate. Children will receive a karate uniform with enrollment.

Extreme Evolution is a family-oriented fitness centre that emphasizes family exercise and activity. Their mission is to encourage healthy lifestyle habits in a welcoming environment with a variety of classes that strengthen family bonds. They hope parents' inspiration and encouragement will influence their children in a positive way to shape a healthy lifestyle for themselves. Children aren’t opposed to going to Extreme Evolution. They feel a closeness to their parents, and are able to relate to them through imitating behaviour and action such as owning a gym bag similar to their parents.

Including your children in your gym habits can instill a love of exercise in your children. It is a way to get them off the couch on the weekends, and away from their electronic devices. They are hoping to encourage children to incorporate healthier habits into their daily lives.

There are many benefits to getting your children moving and active in a gym setting; they will have fun, make friends, and they will want to continue taking part in the classes. Another benefit is practice and preparation for high-season sports. The classes include workouts to prepare children and adolescents for their summer sports. Also, for the first time this year,

Extreme Evolution offered a summer sports day camp in participation with Enfant et Compagnie. Extreme Evolution makes working out and spending time with your family an easy choice. Come workout with Extreme Evolution in a family-oriented environment that is all about encouraging your commitment to your fitness journey, and facilitating a workout style that fits into busy family life and the back-to-school period.