Have you burned through gym memberships, home exercise equipment or workout videos? Have you gone through phases of high motivation, inspiration and action, only to just give up? Not to worry, Extreme Evolution Centre's knowledgeable and supportive staff will help you transform your health and fitness into a lifestyle you'll want to maintain long term. The staff is dedicated to the well-being of the customers.

Workouts aren’t supposed to be difficult or forced. It is important to develop and find a routine that will become mindless and automatic which will deliver a sense of accomplishment and control over your workouts. “Our model is to promote the idea that working out at our gym isn’t just a resolution; it is a life habit, and, in that sense, we present programs to help clients with their life habits,” says Kevin Antonucci, General Director of Extreme Evolution.

One of Extreme Evolution’s notable challenges is called Défi Extrême Évolution. The overall objective of the challenge is to provide clients with an environment they will love and an experience that lends itself to getting you out and moving. The challenge runs three times a week for a period of 16 weeks. Each member receives a nutritional plan that is adapted to their needs and lifestyle. There are weekly evaluations to assess individual progress. There are two challenges throughout the year; in the Fall period and in January.

Anna Bocchino, Manager of Extreme Evolution Laval, has taken on the challenge for a second time this year. “For myself, I find it fun. It changed the way I see training and working out,” says Bocchino. “I used to be fixed on my weight, but I realized that the types of workouts that you do change your body without making a difference on the scale. I’m okay with that; I see the results.” She has developed a stronger belief in herself and what she can accomplish. Working out has become an attainable and realistic habit, as she has transformed the idea of exercise into her “me” time. “As a mother we don’t take a lot of time for ourselves. The time I take for myself is when I’m training, whether it’s the Défi or at Zumba,” she says.

If you have said to yourself that you want to take better care of yourself but don’t know how to start, if you are seeking a solution to sticking to your workouts, pass by Extreme Evolution Centre. From the moment you walk in you will understand the concept of a supportive environment, and will easily establish a habit that you will love and commit to. Rise to the challenge as you take control of your health and fitness!