Culture is very important to me. Whether it be the cinema, theater, music or the arts, I see it as the ideal way to express ourselves, as well as to send strong messages about the society which we are building.I want to be told of cultural stories. Honest and inspiring stories of entrepreneurs. I want to see business people that are committed to and implicated in their communities.

I want the reality of what I witness every day to be shown. This reality is produced by the commitment of business people in their communities, creators of work and wealth; people who know how to establish and develop companies that are able to surpass generations or to break barriers, people whom I am personally proud of and that the population of Quebec would benefit from identifying with, if only by virtue of the values they convey.

Every day the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Laval (CCIL), through its diverse projects and services endeavors to make these people known, to support them in their projects and their development and to reunite them. This is what convinced me to be a part of the CCIL and what has brought me to my current position as Chairman of the Board of Directors. I am convinced of the strong experience acquired by the team in place, who makes the essential role of business people known and in its own way, contributes to curbing the prevailing cynicism, one project at a time. This is the very least that I wish for us in 2017.

Board of Directors, CCIL
Yves D’Astous – Brago Construction
Daniel Leclair – Pyxis Technologies
Michel Rousseau – Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre
Hélène Veilleux – Cominar
François Lemay – Deloitte
Chanel Alepin – Alepin Gauthier
François Alepin - Alepin Gauthier
Raed Béchara – Industrie de Palettes Standard
Marie-Eve Bergeron – Mon Événement Corpo
Samuel Cossette – PSR Entreprise
Maxime Décarie – Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
Dominique Dupont – Lumen
Alain Girard – Desjardins Entreprises
Marisol Labrecque – Technologies Ecofixe
Hubert M. Makwanda – Concilium Capital Humain
Pierre Marchand – Industries Show Canada
Brigitte Pelletier – Intégrale Communication
Julie Perron - [co]motion
Florent Picard – Florent Électrique
Hervé Pilon – Collège Montmorency
Chantal Provost - CCIL
Fatiha Senhaji – BMO Groupe financier
Linda Tarakjian – Banque nationale du canada
Kiril Tchomakov – Les Plastiques Balcan