Saying there is a lot of drama going on at Rosemere High School is not a bad thing and it is no understatement. Budding thespians need look no further than Rosemere High to satisfy their need to perform. Thanks to the Rosemere High School Drama Department, the options are many and the opportunities are endless.

First, there is the regular drama program which is open to all students of the school who choose it as an option. This program is packed with theatre and acting games and activities as well as the development of acting and performing skills such as mime, vocal and movement awareness and abilities, and improvisation to name a few. Students explore the world of dramatics; putting on skit, plays, and commercials as well as having the opportunity to exercise their creativity through playwriting and the creation and performance of their own original scripts—perfect for the enthusiastic writer as well as the extrovert performer.

The second option is the Drama Concentration program. With an increase in periods of drama in the students’ schedule, the focus is on theatre and performing skills. These students work in the world of stagecraft: auditioning, memorizing, rehearsing, blocking, and ultimately performing in major play productions. Students also work on special techniques such as stage combat and neutral mask. Students regularly perform for the student body in the fully equipped 400-seat auditorium to packed houses of parents and peers. With three performances per year guaranteed, the Drama Concentration students have ample opportunity to get their fix of stage time.

New this year: Extreme Improv! This secondary 5 option gives students the opportunity to explore the world of improvisation as an art form. Students study the techniques and forms of improv and practice their skill in a team competition format. Students from this class are selected to represent Rosemere High School at the Montreal Regional Competition of the Canadian Improv Games. Here they will compete head to head with improv teams from the Greater Montreal area in hopes of advancing to the Canadian games in Ottawa. A popular option for students interested in pursuing careers in performing, broadcasting, writing , and teaching to name a few.

The crown jewel in the RHS Drama Program is without a doubt the RHS Drama Club. This after school activity has one goal: to put on a top-notch musical theatre production in the month of April. Past productions have included Little Shop of Horrors, Chicago, Sweeney Todd, Sound of Music, Annie, Grease, and Bye Bye Birdie. This year’s production is the classic West Side Story. Students from the entire student body are invited to audition in the acting, singing, and dancing auditions that start in September. The process is quite competitive and the best 30 students are ultimately given the coveted roles while more technically minded students work on the scenery, the costumes, props, sound and lighting to make this one of the largest and busiest after school activities in the school.

Occasionally, people will comment that their children are not going to become actors so, why do Drama? The answer to this is simple: all of life is a theatrical production. Why not take the opportunity now, while in school, to practice life skills such as public speaking, brainstorming and working in teams, developing ideas, creating, and seeing a project through to completion which are present in each and every drama class. And let’s not forget, having fun and making long lasting friendships at the same time! Drama: a role for every student, a student for every role!