Lawyer by profession, civil servant, humanist and dedicated to the needs of the community, Angelo Iacono has been the Member of Parliament for the Alfred-Pellan federal constituency since 2015. This family man gives without keeping score both in Laval and in Ottawa.

Rooted in the Values of Community Service Iacono was born and raised in Montreal where his family settled after leaving Italy in the 1950s “in search for a better life for their children and for themselves,” he says. Being the result of the blend of Canadian and Italian cultures, he has been invested in his community since he was very young. “The spirit of service and mutual aid is an important value at the heart of the Italian family and getting involved became my way to give back to the people of my neighbourhood and of my community,” recalls the MP. This wilingness to make a difference is still visible today in Alfred-Pellan, where it is common to meet him at community organizations, walks, neighbourhood festivals and fundraisers.

His career objective took shape at the age of 16 during a school visit to Parliament in Ottawa. “One day, my office will be on Parliament Hill!” promised a young Iacono full of enthusiasm and ambition. This revelation has since geared his academic path: after completing a bachelor’s in Political Science at McGill University, Iacono pursued a Civil Law degree at UQAM and a Juris Doctor degree at University of Ottawa. His openness to the world steered him to discover new horizons by earning a certificate from the European Union as well as a certificate in European Community Law from the Faculty of Law in Lyon (France).

Determined, passionate, a strong advocate of Canadian values and having developed an extensive and solid experience in public service over the years, the MP pursued his involvement with the Liberal Party of Canada with the intention of humanizing politics. The sense of giving and community service has always been very present with this man, who transmits it to the youth of his Alfred-Pellan constituency. “I know that volunteering does wonders to the community, but also to the volunteers,” underlines the MP who started Jeunes Youth Laval (JYL).

JYL organizes the collection and redistribution of donations (books, clothes, sports gear, etc.) to community organizations or families in need. The MP also took the initiative of instilling a progressive green shift among youth by leading annual community clean-ups in parks and river banks, as well as reforestation projects in the area.

Family and Traditions
Family is at the heart of the MP’s life who makes a point of maintaining family traditions. “My parents always shared their love for home- made Italian products with me. When I get started, I rediscover the tastes of my childhood,” Iacono tells us. Wine, tomato sauce, prosciutto or soppressata, the ‘homemade’ is part of the MP’s identity. He keeps his family traditions alive and is committed to transmitting them to his son, Gabriel.

A family man above all, he didn’t hesitate to become the caregiver to his mother who was then suffering from a brain tumour. “It was the natural thing to do: becoming my mamma’s caregiver,” he says. Far from an easy ride, those six years reinforced his belief of the fundamental need for the elderly to be cared for and supported by their family. “I never asked myself the question: it was my duty to take care of her as much as she had taken care of me,” continues the MP.

“Politics is a family affair for me,” admits the MP. “Entering politics involves major changes, and mostly major sacrifices,” he explains. Today, Iacono’s story is similar to the one of a classic family enterprise. “Family is our temple and every member of the family is like a pillar that reinforces the foundation. The more pillars you have, the higher you can build,” highlights the MP.

Close-knit family, close-knit team. “My family is my team; my team is my family,” adds Iacono. Many are surprised to learn of his wife’s contribution, as well as the one of his sisters and relatives during the election campaigns he’s conducted since 2009. “They have been present since the beginning, in the good and bad times,” he recounts. The volunteering hours cannot be counted by this family whose flame of passion still burns.

Thanks to his family’s relentless support, Iacono juggles between his duties as an MP and as a family man. “I spend a lot of my time in Ottawa, which keeps me away from my loved ones,” admits the MP. Technology has alleviated the burden, since he is one click away from his family. “It gives me the possibility to fill some of my role as a father, and to take part in the special moments such as the first visit from the tooth fairy, or to calm my son’s nightmares,” explains Iacono. For important events, he does not hesitate to take on the kilometres to spend a couple of hours with his little one.

Of Passions and of Roots
Few people know the MP outside of the political environment, and those who do know him, know that the summer is a busy period of the year for him. “The summertime is a very busy period, but not only due to work,” reveals his wife. To take a break from work, Iacono takes advantage of the sunny days to dedicate him- self to his backyard where he grows his own vegetable garden. “My garden is my haven of peace where I refresh myself,” he admits. Cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini, fig trees, cherries and mulberries are part of this plantlover’s habitat. “Plants are a source of joy and serenity that I enjoy surrounding myself with, even in my office,” Iacono says.

DIY is yet another way for the MP to unwind after a busy week. “Giving a second life to old junk is a challenge that inspires my husband,” explains his wife. Iacono is overjoyed when he finds the time to refurbish furniture, build frames or renovate the house.

Multiply the Resources
Iacono strives to make sure the citizens of Alfred-Pellan can fully benefit from the numerous opportunities that the Government of Canada offers. “I realized that the majority of my constituents were not adequately informed on how we, the Government of Canada, can help them.”

For this reason, he makes every effort to inform Alfred-Pellan’s population on the governmental resources that are available to them, but also to support businesses, community organizations and promote the services offered to the citizens of the constituency.

“I see a real difference in my community thanks to the actions taken by my government, and I want it to continue,” he says. Accessibility Fund, Canada Summer Jobs or New Horizons for Seniors Program are among the federal pro- grams that have been successful among organizations and businesses. “The results are here: the federal funds allocated to my constituency have more than doubled thanks to our efforts,” Iacono says proudly.

The pursuit of a better future for the generations to come – that is the vision that his working-class parents engraved in his modus operandi. Therefore Iacono perseveres in services to the citizens and will run again as a candidate in the next federal elections this coming October.

“I don’t intend to stop here,” announces Angelo Iacono, who will pursue his efforts to generate wealth in Alfred-Pellan.