Another year, another Spring Break! What are we going to do with the kids when they are off for a week in February or March? Parents keep asking themselves the same questions, are we really ready to take time off from work and go on an all-inclusive? Perhaps, parents are willing to invest more time off on their summer family vacation? Perhaps, budget and work scheduling conflicts are also an issue? Everyone’s kids are off around the same time. Well, there are options for parents; there is something that is available.

Spring Camps are a wonderful opportunity for entertaining the kids but also maintaining the nor- mal 9 to 5 work schedule, which means parents won’t have to worry who’s taking care of their kids when they’re at work. Spring Camps offer a relief for parents and are great fun for the kids.

Spring camps are also a great opportunity to allow kids to try out an activity for a week that they may not always have time to do. There are plenty of theme camps out there catering to school-aged children and programs are evolving every year.

“Spring camps also give children a glimpse of the summer camp activities. Spring camp is not only fun, it can also be a great learning experience,” says Stéphanie Girard, who is responsible for Cultural Activities and Animation at a Laval-area space camp. “Spring camp also functions on the same schedule as a regular Summer Camp program, which is convenient for parents.”

There are many spring camps to choose from and many kids are happy to be returning to camp to be with their friends. There are spring camps that offer themes such as hockey, art, tennis, indoor swimming, and space exploration. Spring camps, like summer camp, are animated by camp counselors.

Spring camps are always coming up with innovative activities to engage children. Registration starts early, so it’s best to keep a lookout because spaces fill up quickly! Most of the time, your child’s extracurricular activities offer a spring camp option. So why not allow your child the opportunity to enjoy a full week of what they love to do?

Just like an all-inclusive vacation, spring camp offers children an escape from the school routine. The whole point of Spring Break is to allow children the opportunity to just let go and have fun so that when they get back to school they are ready to study hard and commit more to their school work until the end of the school year. So instead of shuffling your children from one babysitter to the next and spending time plugged to electronic devices, get them moving out the door to spring camp, ensuring that your child will be engaged and having fun!