In this Q & A, the CCIL interviews Christian Garcia, President of Drones Falcon Bleu

Q: Mr. Garcia, tell us about yourself.
A: I am originally from Colombia, but a Quebecois at heart. I have four years of experience in offering professional drone services with my company, Drones Falcon Bleu, five years of experience in architecture and 20 years of experience in aeromodelling. I am married, and I have two daughters who are my main motivation for becoming a better person, a better entrepreneur and a better citizen. I am also someone who loves to serve others; I am passionate about innovation, new challenges and remain open to change, because life has taught me that to succeed, one must be able to go through all kinds of different situations: good ones and somewhat more difficult ones.

Q: As an entrepreneur with a family life, a social life and a demanding career, what does “community” mean?
A: I believe that a community is a sum of sound families, which means that for me, being a good husband and a good father is a wholehearted choice that allows me to have an impact on society. Community, for me, also represents a group of people who are united through an interest, a modus vivendi, a goal, an experience, etc. As an immigrant, I made the decision to integrate myself, to respect and have an influence on my chosen community so that we can share our values. I also want to give everything I have to this community to make it grow, contribute to its well being and that of its citizens.

Q: In 2017, in the digital era, how do you foresee the growth of the Laval business community in the next 20 years?
A: I see the future of the Laval business community in a positive light, because this city fosters and ensures the promotion of economic development by seeking out new projects that are both innovative and authentic. It also welcomes different kinds of businesses and offers support to those already established. This will undoubtedly contribute to the outreach and success of Laval’s social economy.

Q: The Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Laval has existed for the past 50 years. What does your involvement in the CCIL mean for you?
A: It is a way of connecting with individuals who are in business, like me, so there is an opportunity to exchange knowledge, services, interests and needs. All of this allows me to have a network that contributes not only to the growth of my company, but also to that of others. It is much better to be in a community than isolated when you’re in business.